Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Britax at Harrogate

Just been so busy of late, but kept meaning to write about a few other items I saw the other week.

Well let's start with Britax, I've already gone over the stroller range, and given my thoughts on them. But there is also a new Infant Carrier too, which might make the strollers more appealing.

Very simliar to the current model, in the sense that the shell itself is the same. But the new features come from a redesigned handle.

Now when I first realised this I thought that's a bit of a cop out, and wondered are there budget cuts at Britax? Did they spend too much money on the stand, or are they still suffering the loss of revenue they were supposed to make on the 'bath' or Safety Carrycot as they call it?

But when you look at what this update has given the old product you have to thunk twice and take the product a bit more seriously!

Not only is there an improved single handed release from the stroller, but there is also now a single handed pivot button. Although I have to say to tooling finish is pretty poor and I hope they think a bit more about the design and injection of it before launch.

But then the most important addition is side impact protection. By means of a half moon that clips up from the lower part of the handle on either side for use in the car, giving further cushioning to the seat in the event of a side impact. The test results are that this simple addition gives 25% better protection than any other infant carrier, and that in my book would make this the only infant carrier worth considering buying!

Design of the product is not stunning, but for me, safety will always come before anything else on a car seat.

There is also good news with regards to compatiblity on strollers, as it will be fitting on the new Silver Cross Surf, also soon on some Mothercare products like the Spin. So I'm not the only person that thinks this carseat is important.

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