Tuesday, 15 September 2009

oooh thats nice



And a great video to help you see all the things that it does.

I'm getting more and more interested in the Symbio from Graco!

Baby Gear, Toys, Strollers, Nursery Furniture | Spilling The Beans Blog

Baby Gear, Toys, Strollers, Nursery Furniture | Spilling The Beans Blog

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Another product to watch out for in Europe this Autumn is from Baby Jogger.

First seen over on Spilling the Beans, I've managed to track down a more clear image.

Also a winner in the ABC show products.

If this combines the great patented folding system from Baby Jogger with the tandem options of Phil and Teds, then prepare to see the market taken by this new player.

I'm also aware that Britax are also preparing to launch a tandem system like this, but even before its launched they're on a back foot with this new product coming out at the same time.

new Graco Symbio

Sorry its a bit blurred, but managed to get a photo of the new Graco Symbio stroller which is going to be seen at the show in Germany in the next couple of days.

No details on pricing yet, but its a modular travel system, from birth, one hand fold, reversible seat unit, and a reversible handle.

Its much more modern and European looking than anything from Graco over the last few years, and in my opinion is very exciting to see coming from the company that lead the travel system revolution.

Vegas has begun

Well first reports are being posted online from various sources from the Vegas show.

Not heard anything yet about the couple of new things that I was hoping to see first, the new offering from Graco and Silver Cross, will be interesting to see how they are perceived, when both look very similar chassis wise.

But have heard that there is a new updated Bugaboo Bee.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Trade shows around the corner

Vegas in the US, and Kind und Junger in Cologne Germany.

This means we'll see plenty of new products from those companies that have continued to invest in product development over the last tough year, and we'll also see who has been making cut backs and struggling in the current economic climate.

Its certainly going to be an interesting time to watch for products.

Will companies continue to drive innovation, lead the market with product that will make a difference to parents lives? Or are they going to be trying to aim to please the pocket of parents?

My view is that those that drive innovation are the ones that are going to be here in the future, not those that survive only trying to please the pocket.

Fighting to be the cheapest is never going to make a company profitable, its never going to bring in money to invest in new product and innovations. Its a bit like just treading water rather than swimming.

There is always something going on

Well with the experiences I have from this industry, I thought it might prove of interest to some others.

Things I hear, new products I see, movements in companies etc...

Information comes from various sources, from other people in the trade, customers and users of products, from retailers.

I'm always happy to talk about it or listen to talk about it, so thats why I thought others might have the same interest as me.

And so begins the blog.