Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Silver Cross stand at Cologne Nursery Fair

I couldn't get into the Silver Cross booth, but did manage to grab a sneak view of some things that might interest people, but it really didn't grab my attention as it was all just a refresh and not using any original ideas.

They're doing the mixed colour chassis on 3D so part black part silver, like M&P do. The fabrics are all looking like plain colour block options, the more classic look of Pistachio has gone. There is a plum and purple model, a black with white or silver highlight piping. A light blue model, a charcoal with lime green bits, grey and orange too.

Dazzle is still there I'm afraid, and it looks like they've just refreshed and simplified the fabrics, so that the metal work isn't as hidden as before. A pale blue, a black a red and pink, then a purple.

On Surf they've updated the fabrics slightly, they seem to have added a printed hood lining and co-ordinate, its very much how M&P do the Sola and Luna. There is also a woven/printed fabric too, cream with a leaf design in it and a baby pink hood lining, this looks nice, but its nothing new really.

Then the Pop is still there in different guises as before, so a Sport the same as it is now but in different colours, and the Vogue looks the same as before. But it was really hard to see those.

There is a renamed Pop, well it looks like it started as a Pop chassis, it looks to me as if its replacing Fizz as I can't see Fizz. The new product is called Zest, fabrics are prints, very in your face, looks as cheap and nasty as something you'd see on Jive from Mothercare or a Cosatto product, really not my cup of tea to be frank.

And that was about it, as the only thing that was really new was the Nursery Furniture that looked just like every other cot wardrobe to me.

Cologne Show 2010

Well I tried to post while at the Cologne fair on the weekend but couldn't really find the time to do it or a good enough connection I'm afraid. Overall though the show was not full of the newness we've seen in previous years.

All the newness we'd seen before the show online, things such as the Bugaboo Donkey, and the Maxi Cosi Elea.

But anyway, I'll do my best over the coming days to try and put up the things that I did see and grab a photo of for the blog.