Friday, 30 July 2010

A bit of a lull

I keep wondering what to write about, what people might find interesting.
I know its not really product reviews as there are lots of sites that offer these, and from the parenting side too, which really I could never do, as I’m always so critical in terms of quality, standards and product design.
In terms of inside information, I don’t ever want to come across as anti certain brands or products, I like to try and stake objective, no matter who I am working for at the time and who I have worked for in the past. I like to be critical in the same way towards everyones products, as that for me is what makes me enjoy my job, and I think makes me good at what I do.
Also in terms of inside information, its not really very forth coming at the moment, as we’re nearing trade shows rather than coming out of one, and also we’re all pretty much busy within our companies preparing products for launch at the shows and making the final adjustments to get samples ready and the start of production.
The real fun bits I think are about to come, starting strategy for the new season of Spring Summer 2012, looking at the complete range, looking at the competitors and what they are doing, looking at the sales and trends, although all of this I know already. Its just a good thing to do this as a team, and get everyone looking at opportunities where we can improve, where we can offer our customers something new and exciting.
For me even before the Koln show, I know that the focus is still reversible products, light and compact, and comfort for the child. The things that I am glad to see back on the users, mind and influencing her purchasing decisions. Its far better to make a product that you can feel helps development of future generations than trying to just make something cheap and easy to use.
Then the other thing that I shall be looking at is who has continued to develop product, as we all know the financial climate has had an effect on everything. With some companies making staff redundant, cutting back on investment, which is bound to have had an effect of not only the type of products developed but if they actually continued to invest in new products.
For me I think its a real mistake for a company to not develop new items, as they are what are going to stimulate interest in your company, and drive sales for the business. But not everyone sees it the same way as I do, and will have made serious cuts. Cuts that will affect the future success of companies in my view.

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