Friday, 23 July 2010

New Quinny Zapp launches end of the year - exclusive

I know I say it every time I write and new blog but I do keep thinking about the next post, how much I’ve got to write about and share, but then life and the job gets in the way, and both of which I love lots.

Anyway, this week I thought I’d make a bit of time and effort so I could share the new Quinny Zapp with everyone.

Retailing at a rumoured £225, with a reversible seat unit and finally a recline on the seat.

But having not seen it in the flesh yet the rest I’ll have to assume.

From birth would be my guess, as why else would you have a full recline? But will this require some kind of fabric wedge thing to achieve EN1888 I am not sure.

Then my other main concern is how stable is this going to be?

As I have to confess I have tested the standard Zapp before when developing products similar to it, and always found that the Quinney only marginally passes the 12 degree tilt table test. To you this might be fine, it passes the standards, but to me its not, as I’ve always developed to meet how people might use a product as well as to exceed the standard requirement.
And by adding the new seat this goes further forwards, over the front wheels, and possibly making it even more unstable than the current standard product. This is before even worrying about the recline, as this too will affect the forward facing stability.
I supposed I’d best stop the guess work until I get to see it, hopefully at the Koln show in September. But what I would say is that this is long overdue!

Not just for Dorel or Quinney, but the market, the last two companies I’ve been with I’ve tried to convince them to allow me to develop a rearward facing, small, compact stroller with a full lieflat. Yes its annoying that someone else has beaten me to market, but on the other hand when they see how successful this will be maybe I’ll get let loose to create something that competes and does better, so well done Dorel!

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